‘How we work’ at the University of Derby – UCU’s Response

The University of Derby has just rolled out a new Policy document, entitled How We Work. UCU Derby does not endorse this document. 

The University presented UCU Derby with their plan to introduce How We Work earlier in the year. The UCU committee decided unanimously to reject this document, and our friends in Unison (representing non-academic staff at the University) did likewise. However, the University has ignored the concerns of both unions and has gone ahead and implemented it anyway. 

There are several reasons why we do not endorse How We Work, including: 

  • It allows the university to intrude into your personal lives, including your personal relationships. 
  • It gives the University permission to restrict your conduct and behaviours outside of work. 
  • It introduces an unnecessary and patronising dress code.  
  • It is written in vague language that serves to obscure, rather than clarify, standards of professional conduct.  
  • How We Work contains a series of catch-all phrases, which allow the University to interpret your conduct unfavourably if it chooses to do so. 

Please read How We Work and make your own judgement. It can be found in Policy Hub on the University intranet.  If you have any concerns about the content of this document, please let me know. 

Best wishes 

Sean Broome (UCU Derby Branch Chair) 

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