Solidarity with Leicester UCU in their fight to save jobs

UCU members at the University of Derby send their support to UCU members, and others, fighting the planned redundancies at the University of Leicester. Who is for and who is against these plans?:

This is an extract from an Email sent to all UCU members at Leicester University of 4 February declaring a dispute

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Contrary to its rhetoric of the prioritisaton of student and staff well-being and ‘citizens of change’ – revealed to be nothing more than cynical marketeer speak – our employer has adjudged such a moment to be ‘perfect’ to make redundant 145 employees. This is after abandoning a similar number of casualised staff 10 months ago and insisting on shared-air teaching, to the detriment of staff health, student health and public health. That the executive board is prepared to repeatedly put at stake our livelihoods and our lives suggest they are not fit for their office. Following an overwhelmingly supported vote at our EGM last week, we asked management to assure us that there would be no compulsory redundancies from the Business Cases. They were unable to do this and so yesterday we formally declared a dispute between Leicester UCU and the University of Leicester and we will keep you informed of the next steps soon. But we need to start preparations now!

We believe another university is possible and now, our centenary year, might the perfect moment to remake our institution – as well as defend the livelihoods and lives of those of us at immediate risk. We are going to set up a new mailing list open to all UCU members who want to play an active part – this might be by participating in discussions, or by volunteering to take on tasks like writing to newspapers, publicising petitions, approaching colleagues.

If UCU members at Derby or elsewhere wish to make a personal statement of support, visit the UCU Leicester website for further information.


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